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Choco Truffle Cake

₹ 375.00

Strawberry Banana cake

₹ 425.00

Choco Mousse Cake

₹ 625.00

Pista Cake

₹ 625.00

Litchi Cake

₹ 425.00

Vanilla Cake

₹ 275.00

MixedBerry Fruit cake

₹ 425.00

Blueberry Cake

₹ 462.50

Ferrero Rocher Cake

₹ 625.00

Kitkat Cake

₹ 625.00

Rainbow Cake

₹ 525.00

Chocolate Cake

₹ 300.00

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Order Online Cakes in Sholinghur!

Bringing closer the sky of cakes to the Mountain town “Sholinghur”. Like the mountains, The Cake Point has stood tall for two decades, establishing its roots with 16 branches across the state of Tamil Nadu. Just as mountains symbolize strength and resilience, our bakery has carved a niche as a reliable and established destination for delectable treats. Just as majestic peaks reach for the sky, our cakes from 400 grams to 10 kilograms take celebrations to new heights, offering a taste of bliss in every bite.

Order Cakes Online in Sholinghur with Free Delivery Service!

The mountain is adorned with many flowers, trees, and herbs, just like the variety of cakes at The Cake Point. You don't need to climb a mountain to taste the cake; just placing an order is enough, and we will arrive at your doorstep, offering free delivery!

Order Cakes in Sholinghur at Just Rs. 220!

Each mountain is famous for its own reasons, and we, too, are renowned for our diversity in variety! Our cakes start from just Rs. 220, with sizes ranging from 400 grams to 10 kilograms. Who can resist when the craving to indulge in climbing pursuits “இமயமலை என்று தெரிந்த பின்னும் எறும்பின் ஆசையோ அடங்கவில்லை…”

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