opera pastry

Image displayed above is for representation only; actual cake appearance may differ.

Opera Cake

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Having a bakery in the beach cities - Chennai & Pondicherry - we offer Opera Cakes to set the music to your soul, to dance with every bite not beat and to change the city weather with respect to the layer you reached from almond sponge to potent coffee syrup to French buttercream to chocolate ganache.

1. Product & Delivery Information:

  • The image used is for representation purposes only. The cake is not provided with the cake stand, cutlery, or other accessories.

  • The cake's design and icing may differ from the image shown because every chef has a unique method for baking and creating cakes. Hence, the product may vary slightly in terms of shape and design.

  • Occasional local or temporary supply constraints necessitate the substitution of tastes or designs.

  • Since cakes are delicate by nature, we only make one delivery effort on each order. It is not possible to reroute the delivery to another address.

  • Our delivery agent personally delivers the cake in a secure cardboard box.

  • Orders are accepted up to 7:30 p.m.; if received after that time, you may select a time slot for tomorrow or anytime you like. We deliver up until 10:00 p.m..

  • If a rectangular shape is chosen, cakes could be delivered in a rectangle or square shape, based on the size chosen.

  • We allow ourselves 2-3 hours to complete the delivery. Though this is just the maximum time frame, you can expect it earlier too.

  • Character limit on the Message on the Cake:

    • 400g, 800g, and 1kg: 20 characters

    • 1.5kg and above: 50 characters

2.Care instructions:

  • Our cakes are prepared every day using only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients.

  • Keep the cake box on the table in an upright position.

  • The cake must be eaten within 24 hours. Store cake in a refrigerator.

  • We exclusively employ premium food-grade coloring. However, the color of cream cakes may have a propensity to leave stains. After a few washes, the non-toxic coloring on the skin will disappear. Hence, there is nothing to be worried about.

  • Avoid freezing the cake.

  • Keep cakes away from warm and sunny places.

  • Make sure the cake is not exposed to heat before cutting and serving it.

  • Cover the leftover cake, then refrigerate it.

  • Prior to slicing or serving, take the cake out of the refrigerator for five minutes.

  • 400gm serves: 5-6 people | 800gm serves: 10-12 people | 1kg serves: 12-15 people

3.Return Policy:

  • Here at The Cake Point, we take immense care and responsibility in delivering our orders in perfect condition and at the right time and precisely aligned to our customers’ requirements. Call us at 9884800055 or email at wethecakepoint@gmail.com if there is anything wrong with your order(damaged, different, or defective). Our customer service team will look into the situation and assist you with a refund or replacement as needed. Remember, not just till delivery, we are with you until you are completely satisfied with our service.

  • We regret to inform you that in the event of an order cancellation after it has been placed, we cannot offer a refund, as our team immediately begins preparing your order with fresh ingredients. However, if you decide to cancel your order shortly after placing it, please feel free to contact us at 9884800055 to make a refund request. Please note that the final decision regarding any refund will be at Cake Point's discretion.


  • We don't charge for delivery. Our delivery service is totally free. Your product price is your final billing price.

  • GST is included in all of our cake prices. Your billing price is what is shown on the product page.

  • The standard shape for 400g, 800g, and 1kg cakes is round. If a different shape is chosen, an additional ₹100 per kg will be charged.

  • The standard shape for cakes weighing 1.5 kg and above is a rectangle. If a different shape is chosen, an additional ₹100 per kg will be charged.

  • All types of cake flavors can be made eggless. Instead of using eggs, the cake's base can be made of Vanilla or Chocolate cream.

    • Vanilla eggless base costs an extra ₹88 per kg

    • Chocolate eggless base costs an extra ₹118 per kg

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